Thursday, April 16, 2009

{some memorable quotes from the peanut gallery}

"why do your pants have holes in them? maybe you need to find a better store"

-steven holsinger

"hey lynds, when you grow up, you should be a truck driver, or maybe the ice cream man!"
-ethan grove

"I'm a girly girl princess rockstar, but maybe my other job could be a doctor or something"
-ellie lee

"ummm I just remembered something. I remembered that I didn't remember underwear today. is that bad?"
-emma white

"this my baby, derek. he's poopy. he can't come to church."
-eden grove

"You shouldn't eat gingerbread houses because they make you fat. I don't want you to get too big!"

''God is so big, He knows everything. Like how many hairs i have on my head, & even how many boogers i've ever had in my life!'' -ellie lee

oh how I love them!
there's so many more, but these stuck in my head today :)


Brenda said...

Hahaha! LOVE IT! Kids say the funniest things!!

SimplyGrove said...

Hahahaha!!! Oh Eden!

Tracy Wilde said...

hilarious!! i can hear their little voices when they say it too... haha

Shana said...

Too cute!