Monday, April 27, 2009

{for the one}

This weekend, Christine Caine, from Hillsong Australia came and shared a powerful message for the church.
But another thing she shared was her heart for the victims of human trafficking.

Roughly 2 to 4 million people are trafficked in and across borders each year.
Children as young as four years old are sold into this terrible crime.
Human trafficking is now a leading source of profits for organized crime, together with drugs and weapons, generating an estimated 9.5 billion dollars per year.

Hearing Christine share this information affected me.
I felt pain for these victims.
It raged a burning anger in my heart that someone would do such a thing to these poor women and children.
It brought tears to my eyes thinking that these people are trapped, alone, and hurt.
It made me want to do something.

The A21 Campaign is committed to abolishing injustice in the 21st Century. Their goal is to raise awareness, take legal action and offer rehabilitation services to rescued victims of human trafficking in order to fight this injustice from a comprehensive approach.

And I support them
I want this brought to a stop. And the A21 campaign is dedicated to take the steps needed to do so.
Check out for more information

how imaginative!
maybe i should try this in my room...
a few hundred bags of cotton and some fishing wire, and we're in business!
happy monday :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

{a little shout out to...}

Candice Cossel
from Serendipity Studios!

I have the pleasure of being one of Candice's senior models this spring and I have to say..
She is amazing!

Candice takes a more urban spin on things,
instead of the same ol boringness you can easily find in other senior pictures.

If you're looking for incredible photography
check out her stuff
aaand here!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

{what's new}

I'm a little under the weather this week, happened upon some sort of stomach flu on Sunday...
BUT I'm a lot better today! :)
and I'm excited for this week, it's going to be great!

WHY you may ask?
gcB this wednesday @7pm.
awesome worship
and p. mark francey is continuing the "Doer" series :)
you should come too!!


this Friday and Saturday
is Capital Christian's annual Women's Conference!
w/ guest speaker Christine Caine
from Hillsong Australia
It's going to be awesome!
if you'd like to know more, check out
for info about the church and how to register!

aaand thats pretty much all folks!
so i'll leave you with the pic of the week :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

{some memorable quotes from the peanut gallery}

"why do your pants have holes in them? maybe you need to find a better store"

-steven holsinger

"hey lynds, when you grow up, you should be a truck driver, or maybe the ice cream man!"
-ethan grove

"I'm a girly girl princess rockstar, but maybe my other job could be a doctor or something"
-ellie lee

"ummm I just remembered something. I remembered that I didn't remember underwear today. is that bad?"
-emma white

"this my baby, derek. he's poopy. he can't come to church."
-eden grove

"You shouldn't eat gingerbread houses because they make you fat. I don't want you to get too big!"

''God is so big, He knows everything. Like how many hairs i have on my head, & even how many boogers i've ever had in my life!'' -ellie lee

oh how I love them!
there's so many more, but these stuck in my head today :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

{i could run}

timmy and I dinking around on the piano. this was the result.
(and I can't play piano that great, I know :))

Lord, in my life,
I wanna go higher
I wanna go further.
I wanna go deeper.

I want to fall more in love with You every day.
Help me to live life to the fullest, just like You've called me to do.
and let me be a shining light everywhere I go.
I pray that people will see You in me,
that I would be overflowing with Your presence.

help me to be engaged in the Word,
completely lost in worship,
and remember to talk to You like You're right there with me.
because You are.

Amen :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

{pic of the week}

I would absolutely love to post photography weekly,
so i'll try to remember! :)
have a lovely monday

Monday, April 6, 2009

{stop motion}

lately i'm fascinated with stop motion videos
especially ones done with photography (claymation isn't really my thing...)
so here's one I found, its pretty rad! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

{a testimony}

I shared this a couple of weeks ago, and I found my notes today.
So I thought I'd share it with you :)
in advance, its LoNG.
so if you don't read it all, I'm ok with that


I've had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home my whole life.
I have wonderful God-fearing parents that pray for me and with me constantly :)
& I've had a somewhat sheltered life.

Private schools and online schools were my source of education growing up.
So when I got to my freshman year, I was really excited to go to a public school.
I didn't really know anyone, all my friends were at my church.
So my school friends were pretty much the first people I met.
But those people weren't the best influence on me.
They weren't the partiers or the drinkers, but they were the kids that were all too concerned with what people thought of them.
And even if you don't realize it, the people who you hang out with will have one of the greatest impacts on who you become.
So I started to care.
I really wanted everyone to like me.
I desired a big group of "popular" friends;
to be able to be identified with that crowd.

Another thing I really wanted was perfect grades.
I figured I wouldn't be able to have a good life unless there was nothing but a big A on every assignment I had.
It stressed me out a little bit.
I spent a lot of time on homework
and pretty soon my stress got heavier and harder to deal with.

Around the middle of my freshman year, My family started to go through a tough financial situation.
Things weren't great, money was tight. And I got scared.
I was afraid we would lose our house.
I was worried that my dad would be out of a job for too long.
I didn't know how things would turn around
Money was a security to me.

Part of me felt like there was something I had done wrong.
Wasn't there some way I could have prevented things from happening?
I started getting really worried, to the point of anxiety and panic attacks.
fear is a tough one.
When it grips you, its hard to let it loose.
I was afraid, insecure, and stressed.

I hadn't given up on God, but I seemed to have forgotten that He can make all things work together for good. (Ro 8::28)

I didn't feel like I could control my situation.
One thing I could control was what I ate.
So I didn't eat much.
Part of it was I was too nervous to eat,
and another part was a control thing.

Over the summer things didn't really change, and I entered my sophomore year the same as I had left.
But what I didn't know was God was waiting to have a little chat with me :)
And that time came quickly.

It wasn't away at a conference,
and It wasn't at church camp.
It was an ordinary Sunday morning during worship, and I heard the voice of God
clearer than I had in a while.
and He said
"Lyndsay why are you afraid?"

and I was thinking "well God, I'm afraid of this and this...
I listed my fears.
people not liking me
getting bad grades and not going to a good college
losing control of my life
losing my house...
it went on.

and He said
"But why? Why are you afraid? Don't you know that everything is taken care of?"

and to be honest, I don' think I had realized that.

I had forgotten that my Savior was not going anywhere, and that my fears were not near as big as Him.
So I started to give them to Him.
"God I give you my fears,
God I give you my insecurities,
God I give you my circumstance."
and an amazing scripture that He put on my heart that morning was

Matthew 11::28-30

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

I began to truly believe that.

A huge burden was gone.
Things were so much better.
God blessed me with amazing school friends that were believers
and my schoolwork seemed so much easier
Even though my family's situation hadn't changed much, I was able to step out in faith
and believe that God had something awesome in store for us.
It was a true act of overcoming.
Because I gave Him my problems and put my trust in Him.
Because He's bigger
He's stronger
and He see's my past, walks with me in the present, and see ahead to things to come.
And now I know that I'm not called to be a worrier,
I'm called to be a warrior :)

And even though I still feel stressed at times, and sometimes my mind wanders into a bit of worry.
The difference is I know exactly how to overcome.
I give it to Him.
He's on my side.
and I know that I am victorious because of Him.

the end :)